What can be our greatest value to our clients? Quite simply, we’ll run the show.

Armed with a minute-by-minute Run of Show (ROS) with more cues than a pool hall, we relish the opportunity to be fully responsible for the successful management of our client’s program.

We understand much time, effort, and resources have been invested in creating their event. When the day arrives, we know it’s critical for our clients to fully focus on their community, donors, attendees, and guests. Ideally, they connect, and we run the show.

As a duo, we have the bandwidth to cover all the logistics of the day; two sets of eyes allow us to be in two places at one time. A dream come true for event managers and their clients. From when the doors open until the doors close, we respectfully oversee the flow and management of every aspect of the event off and on stage.

How do we do it? Calmly and professionally handling the who, what, where, when, and what’s next every step of the way. We’ll certainly be prepared and organized, but when something surprises us, well, we’ll figure it out in a manner that guests won’t notice and ideally our clients never need to know about.