WELL DONE events gives you a duo of inspired professionals whose individual abilities are magnified by their friendship. They’ve managed events from candlelit gatherings for 20 of your closest friends to star-studded spectacles attended by thousands.


Rebecca Dietz is a dynamic performer with unparalleled communication skills, design expertise, and enthusiasm. Her event-planning acumen is the product of the many lives she has lived: landscape architect, hospice nurse, tap dancer, and project manager. Rebecca is a born facilitator and communicator who makes every WELL DONE event a smooth-running reflection of her direct persona and high energy.




Carol Dole is a former Production Manager in Hollywood whose experience and leadership in television and video allow her to conjure order from chaos. Her relentlessly high standards, uncanny timing, and innate grace under pressure set her apart as an event planner and producer. Carol stops at nothing to make every WELL DONE event a model of efficiency and client satisfaction.