Kailey Fiedler-Gohlke, fourth from left, and friends

Meet Kailey Fiedler-Gohlke, Executive Director of HERO House Bellevue, and our first client featured in 5 Questions from Well Done Events. 

HERO House is accredited by Clubhouse International and is a place where members recovering from mental illness come to reclaim their lives and rejoin their community. HERO House uses a psychiatric rehabilitation model that focuses on socialization and community engagement to bring every participant, known as a “member,” of the clubhouse program to the table for the running of the clubhouse.


Why do you do the work that you do?

There is nothing that is more humbling and inspiring than to be surrounded by a strong community that believes that recovery, from mental illness, can and will happen. This work is not just about helping others, it is about building relationships and making our community heard!

What should the local community know about your organization?

That the clubhouse model works and we are the “What Now” of recovery. Our proven outcomes and the international community are just a few reasons we are at the forefront of psychiatric rehabilitation. HERO House is dedicated to helping those with mental illness lead independent lives and build solid relationships!

What is the most successful event your organization has produced? And why?

I would say our most successful event was our 2016 Gala at Glendale Country club. It was the first time we stepped our game up and really had a professional and elegant event, while connecting with our donors and guests in a way we never had before. Well Done Events made this happen! Being able to have these wonderful ladies orchestrating the evening made it run smoothly and allowed the staff, members and board members to connect with donors.

Describe your ideal board member.

Someone who is first and foremost passionate about the cause. An ideal board member is someone who can understand and listen to the needs of our organization and is willing to connect to the broader community to help with fundraising, networking and furthering our cause.

Bruno Mars OR Justin Timberlake?

AH! So tough, but Justin Timberlake…I mean who doesn’t like a song that talks about Bringing Sexy Back! 😉